Best Beaches to Enjoy the Water in Holland, Michigan

With summer heating up, there’s no better time to visit the city of Holland’s shoreline. It’s the perfect way to cool off or enjoy a relaxing night watching the sunset from one of Holland’s great beaches. Here is our list of beaches in Holland and activities to do at each.


  1. Holland State Park

Photo Credit: Michigan DNR

Home to the famous “Big Red” lighthouse, Holland State Park is one of the most popular beaches in West Michigan. It has plenty of areas to walk around and explore nearby, including Mount Pisgah, which gives beautiful panoramic views of the entire park. Additionally, there’s a campground on site, a playground, and a small shop for beach toys and concession style food.

  1. Tunnel Park

Photo Credit: Ottawa County Parks & Recreation

One of the most unique beaches of West Michigan, Tunnel Park is appropriately named as you have to go over a dune or through it with the photogenic tunnel of Tunnel Park. It has some of the most scenic views any beach in Michigan has, and is famous for one of the most viral wedding proposals ever. If there’s any beach to watch a sunset at it, this has to be it.


  1.  Laketown Beach

Photo Credit: 

Another beach with a dune in front of it, Laketown Beach is another place for spectacular scenic views. The stairs at Laketown beach can be quite the workout, but always worth it. Normally a place that is quieter than the two other beaches previously mentioned, but doesn’t have all of the amenities that the others have. Alex Beaton at Awesome Mitten does a great job talking more in-depth about Laketown Beach.