Five Underwater Hotels That You Have to See to Believe

With adventure travel becoming more popular, hotels and resorts are making their experiences much more adventurous. Some of these hotels have decided to take their adventures underwater by creating underwater hotels. Whether it’s just a few suites or the entire building, these underwater hotels are for the relaxed adventure seekers.


These underwater hotels are located all over the world, so no matter where you are in the world, there has to be a place where you can stay underwater for even a night!



  1. Atlantis the Palm


the atlantis the palm dubai underwater hotelsPhoto Credit: 


Atlantis the Palm is a 5 star hotel, and is located in Dubai. Dubai is known for its incredible luxury and riches beyond belief and Atlantis is just another part of that. If you’re going to see the new Aquaman movie, the Atlantis is holding meet and greets with Aquaman as they are the official hotel of Aquaman. Just a little bit of a natural fit there…


Besides Aquaman, there is plenty to do underwater here, no matter what level of experience you have with being underwater. Whether that’s just using a Fathom One, or being a fully certified scuba diver, the Atlantis has experiences underwater for everyone. You can learn basic dive skills with their Discovery Dive and meet their sharks at the same time or if you’re already scuba certified, go on a one-tank dive and check out the artifacts that the “ancient Atlanteans” left behind.  You could scuba dive in the morning, and go play at their waterpark in the afternoon!


If you don’t want to get wet, they have a full aquarium within Atlantis. It’s home to 65,000 marine creatures, and there’s plenty of ways to engage children throughout the aquarium with interactive screens and Aquatheater shows!


To truly get the full underwater experience though, you have to stay in the underwater suite. Instead of looking out over the horizon, you’ll literally have fish swimming right by your window. In all honesty, it might be weird as the fish can watch you sleep. In addition, you can be in the bathroom and have fish swimming right by you too. As the Atlantis puts it, there are “floor to ceiling views looking upon the majestic underwater Ambassador Lagoon”.


If you love to scuba dive and travel, this might be a place you have to at least stay one night at. The fact that there are underwater experiences throughout the entire hotel, and that it’s in Dubai, this place is like no other. This might be the best hotel on our list of underwater hotels that you have to see.



  1. Lovers Deep Submarine


Lovers Deep Submarine underwater hotel Photo Credit: Oliver's Travels


Now, the Lovers Deep isn’t just a hotel – it’s a submarine! Instead of being the “Mile High Club”, this is part of the “Mile Deep Club”. It allows for one couple at a time to be on the submarine with a crew of 3 to ensure that you have a great time. One crew member is the Captain, the other a chef, and the other a butler. They’ll stay out of your way to make sure you have a wonderful time and be able to escape the real world for a bit. It can literally be yourselves and no one else for miles.


The Lovers Deep Submarine can be located anywhere in the Caribbean, so if there’s a certain spot you’d love to check out in the area, you can go right there. You even get on the submarine by arriving in a speed boat! Or, if that’s not classy enough, you can arrive via helicopter too. I’m pretty sure you just need the paparazzi and you’ll feel like a true celebrity.


Now, this isn’t the cheapest of places on this list by any means. For a one-night stay, it’s over $220,000. Is it worth it for the average person? No. Is it worth it if you hit the lottery one day? Maybe. Is it worth being on our list of underwater hotels worth seeing? Yes!



  1. InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland


InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland Underwater HotelPhoto Credit: Uncrate 


The InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland just recently opened in November 2018. It was built on an abandoned quarry and was took an investment of over $500 million to make it happen. It’s place that still doesn’t look real to me the way it’s been designed. One fun fact: it’s an eco-friendly underwater hotel!


Similar to the Atlantis the Palm in Dubai, the entire hotel isn’t an underwater hotel, but parts of it are. There are two whole floors underwater with some of the hotel rooms being underwater. The InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland hotel is a 5-star underwater hotel too!


It doesn’t look like it’s as entertaining as the Atlantis in Dubai, but it’s a great place for hosting a conference. There’s a grand ballroom, and plenty of executive perks like dry-cleaning, or a limo-service available if that’s up your alley. Maybe we can have a Fathom conference there one day?



  1. Conrad Maldives

 underwater hotel conrad maldives the murakaPhoto Credit: Let's Go Maldives


The Conrad Maldives is a place that people dream of when they think about vacationing. It’s full of island sanctuaries, and places just to relax. What’s new to the Conrad Maldives is what is being called the “The Muraka” which is a residence partially underwater. The Muraka hasn’t opened yet, but it’s completely worthy being part of our list of underwater hotels worth seeing.


The Muraka is a home built on top of the water, and instead of having a basement, there is a bedroom below the home which is completely underwater with glass ceilings and walls. You can be sleeping with the fish! There’s even a bathroom with the bedroom underwater, so you can be brushing your teeth in the morning and take in all of what the Indian Ocean has to offer underwater. Or, it’ll just make you want to go to the bathroom all night. Maybe don’t drink a lot of water before going to bed in that room?


Out of all of the places on this list, this might be the best underwater hotel if you want the feeling of being a mermaid while you’re sleeping. The room has 360-degree views of underwater which no other underwater hotel offers as wonderfully.


Additionally, you can snorkel all around the area or use your Fathom One if you don’t want to get in the water. This is a place that is great for those who love the water and just need a break from everyday life.



  1. Poseidon Undersea Resort

 Poseidon Undersea Resort Underwater HotelPhoto Credit:


The Poseidon Undersea Resort is still under construction, but when it’s finished, it’ll be the underwater hotel that is a combination of many of the underwater hotels on this list. It’ll have more rooms underwater than most, and will provide 360 views like the Conrad Maldives offers.


In addition to the rooms being underwater, there will be an entire restaurant below. Can you imagine eating seafood underwater? The fish might see their friends being cooked. WOAH.


This isn’t the cheapest place either, however, it’s not as expensive as the Lovers Deep submarine is. Its projected price is $15,000 per person per week, however, with the Poseidon Undersea Resort still not taking reservations, this is bound to change.


Unfortunately, they’ve been quite quiet on the construction. Their social media channels have all gone silent since 2014. Even if it doesn’t happen, this is one heck of an idea and we applaud it. Gotta keep dreaming ideas like this!




Bonus Underwater Hotel!


  1. Atrium Bar, Radisson Blu, Berlin

Radisson Blue Hotel berlin underwater hotelPhoto Credit:



To preface, the Radisson Blu in Berlin isn’t necessarily an underwater hotel, but it’s as close as it gets when it comes to hotels on land.


The Radisson Blu in Berlin is home to the largest cylindrical aquarium in the world standing at a height of 75 feet and contains over 1,500 tropical fish. At the base of the aquarium is a bar where you can drink and chat with friends while taking in all of the views of the aquarium. I’m not sure how you wouldn’t have a conversation starter right away with this kind of aquarium being right next to you.


If you have children with you, there’s a chance you could grab drinks with friends and have them entertained by all of the fish for a little bit at least. If you’re not with children, they do have live jazz music playing on Saturday nights. It doesn’t get much better than relaxing with friends and family, drinking, listening to jazz music, and taking in the beautiful views of one of the largest aquariums in the world.





The coolest part about all of these underwater hotels is that they come from all over the world. From Dubai to the Caribbean, there is always somewhere in the world you can enjoy life underwater.


Another exciting aspect in all of these underwater hotels is that they’re all pretty new. They’re becoming a new trend in some ways and are part of the growing trend of adventure travel. We’re so excited to see what other underwater hotels pop up next! We’ll have to get some Fathom One underwater drones to some of these too.


Know of another underwater hotel that we should have included on this list? Send us an email at We’d love to hear about it!