Ways to Go on an Adventure this Weekend

With 4th of July being on a Wednesday, many of us have the rest of the week off or at least part of it off. You might be wondering what to do with the extra time since there’s only so much Netflix you can possibly watch on a sunny, 80-degree weekend. If you’re looking to take a local adventure this weekend, here are some ways you can do that.

  1. Use Local Guides 

Almost every city in the United States has some sort of tourism website. They can give you plenty of ideas of things to do in the city whether that’s checking out a new restaurant, a new museum, or a new park, there’s plenty you can do to find a new adventure of some sort. In Grand Rapids, we have experiencegr.com which can be pretty helpful.

A lot of the time though, there are local bloggers that provide even more insight than the “visit <insert city here> website. Here in Grand Rapids, there’s Sara Visser who has an amazing blog about Grand Rapids. If you’re looking for something to do in Grand Rapids this weekend, a great place to start is her 32 Things I Love About Grand Rapids post.

  1. Use Instagram

This one might seem confusing at first. However, Instagram is an incredibly powerful tool. It’s about posting photos and because of that, you can see places before you even go on an adventure. Just look up a local city and you might see someone at a spot you’ve never been to. If you want to know more about a place too, you can just comment on the photo or send them a direct message. Rad Girls Collective has a great piece on this and for adventuring on a budget.

  1. Make an Adventure

For those with kids, it can be difficult to move them around. It’s like herding sheep. That shouldn’t stop you from having an adventure though. Just make it at home! You can explore the world from a computer using Google Maps, or can turn the backyard into all sorts of adventures. Active for Life has a great post on this and with simple ideas. One of them even being “Just add water”

Enjoy the rest of the Holiday week and hopefully you can have a great active vacation at home!