Have your Fathom One? Read this!

If you haven’t noticed, we have begun shipping the first Fathom One units! The first 150 units have been shipped and we’re currently at pace for 50 units per week. So, if you pre-ordered, your unit is coming soon!

If you have received a unit, or your unit is on it’s way, you’ll want to read this post. It’ll answer some of the questions you might have!

If we didn’t cover your question, feel free to talk with us on chat here or email us at hello@fathomdrone.com.

fathom one underwater drone shipwreck



Software Overview

If you have checked for the Fathom app in the app store, you may have noticed that you can find it for Android devices, but not for iOS devices.

Currently, we only have the Android app working, and not the iOS app. Unfortunately we had more changes than expected from prototype to production units, and the iOS app was more outdated than we expected it to be.

We apologize for the inconvenience, we know it’s a bummer.

However, the good news is that we hope to have a version of the iOS app available on November 1st!

Android App


If you have an Android device, you’re in luck, the Fathom app is working there currently. However, there are a few quirks to it that we are working on.

First, if you have tried putting your Fathom One in the water, on some devices you may have had a hard time turning the drone. That’s because on some devices you can’t. This is bug we’re working through.

The way to get around that issue though is to have a bluetooth controller that is compatible with your Android device. Our recommendation is the iPega PG-9023.

ipega fathom underwater drone

Additionally, we are fine-tuning the different speeds of the drone based on small differences from prototype to production. Our recommendation is to go into Pro mode, and then the different gears will appear at the bottom corners of the screen. Tap them each once so you go into gear “2” for each. It’s still slightly quick, but if you have a physical controller, it’s a little easier to control. We’re working to find a good speed for gear “1” that will work in most environments.

Here’s a link to the Android version of the app.

Video Management

The other part of the Android app that isn’t working at the moment is the dive log feature. If you attempt to get into this part of the app, the app will crash. If you did tap on the dive log button, no worries, you can re-open the app and it’ll still work. Just don’t tap on the dive log button for the time being :)

If you’re looking to get the videos off of your Fathom One, you’ll want to look at your instruction manual and go to page 7 and the “Using the Video Manager” section. That’s where you can convert the video files and download them.

The converting process might not look like it’s happening, but if you click on the “Convert Videos” button, give it a few moments, and then refresh the page, most if not all of the videos will have converted. Once they are .mp4 files, you can download them, view them, and share them!

If you do have some videos already, let us know! We would love to see them and even share them if you give us permission to! Tag us on Instagram using @fathomdrone!


As for Android compatibility, we are currently able to support Android devices that are Android 6.0 or above. Beginning November 1st, we’ll only be able to support Android 8.0 or above. If you are interested you can read more about this change Google is making here.

Travel Bags and Tether Extensions

travel bag fathom one

For those that have ordered a travel bag and/or a tether extension, don’t worry, we’re working on these. We received our first sample of the travel bag and we’re pretty happy with it! We don’t have an exact date of when they’ll ship since we’re working out a few logistics, but we’ll have them soon.

The tether extensions are in a similar situation as the bags, but will most likely ship after the travel bags have shipped.

We apologize for the inconvenience and delay with these. We wanted to make sure you received the drones first and then shifted some of our focus to these items.

Recommended Devices and Accessories

There are some devices and accessories that work better than others when using your Fathom One. These items can greatly enhance your experience too.

tab 8 fathom drone

Our recommendation for streaming device is the Samsung Galaxy Tab A. We use it here at our office, and provides plenty of screen space to see what the drone is seeing! There is an 8 inch version and a 10.1 inch version. Either one will work and according to Samsung both should receive updates to Android 8.0 this year

If you prefer a physical controller over controlling the drone from your phone or tablet, the controller we recommend is the iPega PG-9023. This controller only works with Android devices. Any bluetooth controller that is compatible with Android devices will work.

gopro fathom underwater drone

If you’d like to attach a GoPro (or other mountable accessory) to your Fathom One you can use this Picatinny attachment adapter. Please use caution when attaching accessories. Tightly attach the adapter to the rail, but make sure you don’t over tighten the accessory to the adapter. For example, you want an attached GoPro to be able to pivot and absorb some of the force should you run into anything underwater, rather than the attachment rail taking all of the force if the accessory was unable to move.

General use tips

  • When unplugging the Fathom One, make sure you unscrew by twisting the blue ring around the plug. Twisting the black plastic can place stress on the wires within the tether.
  • If your device seems to be having issues with lag, try moving closer to the wifi link. Some of these do not seem to be as powerful as others and moving too far away from the router can cause lag. If you are able, stand or sit near to it.
  • For best results, plug the tether into the wifi link first, followed by plugging it into the Fathom One. Wait for the wifi to appear in your settings, and wait to open the app until your Fathom One unit has stopped beeping. This allows it to finish it’s calibration process.
  • The battery on board the Fathom One is LiPo battery. Make sure to charge it using the selection on the charger that says “LiPo”. LiFe batteries are a type of battery that have about half the charge of a LiPo battery, so charging on the LiFe setting will only charge your Fathom One about 50%.
  • Do not try to charge your Fathom One while it is on or has the tether connected to it. This is bad for the battery.

Please let us know we didn’t cover anything here, or if we can be of any help. We’re more than happy to. We would love to hear your feedback, positive or negative. Thanks for being part of the Fathom community!