Fathom Spotlight - Captain Jo

Johann Pidoux, also known as Captain Jo, runs his own charter boat company off the coast of St. Martin. For those of you who are not sure where St. Martin is located, it’s the island circled below. Jo was born on St. Martin and grew up around boats. He moved to France briefly but found that he missed the ocean and then returned to St. Martin. After working around boats for awhile, he decided he wanted to work for himself so he got his boating license and started his charter company, CaptainJo Boat Charter. The company now has two boats and takes people out for nautical adventures on a daily basis.

Jo first heard about the Fathom One on Facebook and decided to back it financially on Kickstarter. He hopes that the F1 might enhance the experience of his customers and potentially provide them with cool photos and videos of their excursion as a souvenir. Jo currently uses aerial drones to document his customers’ experiences and an underwater robotics solution would be a cool way to supplement this.

As a side note, you'll notice that the picture above has been used elsewhere on our site. All credit goes to Captain Jo!I asked Johann about some of his coolest experiences on the water and he had an abundance of stories to share. Each of his trips are a little different based on what the group of customers wants to do that day. Sometimes they snorkel with sea turtles and other days they drop by a deserted island for lunch. Jo has also encountered humpback whales and schools of dolphins. Because each trip has a small group, about 2-10 individuals, the experience is highly customizable.

During his time as a beta tester, Jo hopes to take the drone to an island where he once found a really old french coin. Other gold coins have been found in the area and he is hoping to locate more treasure using the drone. It’s stories like this one that really make me want to develop some kind of metal detector attachment for the F1.

We're really looking forward to working with Jo in the future and can't wait to see what he discovers with the Fathom One!


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