What is so special about the Fathom One?

The Fathom One was designed to be extremely easy to use, highly portable, and very affordable. It is currently the smallest, and least expensive underwater drone on the market. It is also the only underwater drone with our patent pending modular thruster system that helps helps you disassemble it to take with you and assemble it when you get where you're going.

Can I control the drone from my smart device?

Yes, you can control the drone and view the live video feed all from the Fathom app.

Why does the drone require a physical tether?

The tether is required for data transmission through the water. The tether connects the drone to the Fathom Link (located above the water) which then connects wirelessly to your smart device.

Do I need internet to use the Fathom One?

No, the Fathom One Link creates it's own Wifi signal for you to join with your smart device. You can be on the shoreline or in the middle of the ocean and connect to that Fathom One.

How deep can the drone go?

The drone’s standard tether is 100 ft. The drone itself is rated a depth of 150 ft.

Does the drone have built in illumination for night diving or deep dives?

The drone is equipped with high-intensity LED headlights. Additional lights can be attached to the rail if needed.

How long can the drone run on a single charge?

It depends on how much/how fast you run the thrusters. For most uses, you will have at least two hours of dive time.

How big/heavy is the Fathom One?

When fully assembled, the drone has a length of about 14 inches and a “wingspan” of about 14 inches. It weighs approximately four and a half pounds.

Is there a way for me to easily share my awesome underwater experiences with my friends and family?

The Fathom app has an “observer” mode which will allow people around you to view the video feed while you pilot the drone.

How long will it take for me to learn how to use the Fathom One?

Most of our users are proficient pilots after a few minutes of driving the drone. We specifically designed the controls to be extremely intuitive.