This month we are starting something new. We will be interviewing Fathom community members that have awesome stories. On our website we will be giving you their scoop on their work, hobbies, and passions, and how it all relates to the Fathom One. We hope that you will find these spotlights entertaining and inspirational during your own underwater adventures.

Interviewed by Chris Seto

Our first underwater expeditioner of the month is Mr. Tanner Stiehl. Tanner lives in New York City where he works for the US Coast Guard as a marine investigator. Basically, whenever there is a commercial shipping accident, Tanner is responsible for determining the root cause of the event. In addition to his work in the Coast Guard, Tanner is also a graduate student working on his master’s degree in fisheries.

If you’re like me, you’ve noticed a pattern of water-related activities at this point. I asked Tanner about how he got into his nautical lifestyle and he told me that he had always been drawn to water from the time he was very young. While growing up, he worked as a lifeguard, competed on the swim team, and always had a fascination with fish.

As such, his dream job would be to host some kind of fishing show which would allow him to combine his love of marine life with his degree, which is in media and communication. His show would focus not only on the sport of fishing but rather emphasize the interesting variations in biology found in different regions. Tanner already does this to some extent on his youtube channel: tmantanman and instagram: @fishfactsdaily

This is the primary reason that Tanner decided to back the Fathom One on Kickstarter and agreed to beta test for us. He feels that the drone would allow him to capture incredible footage of marine life and better educate his followers about these creatures. So far he has been using stationary underwater cameras on fishing line and has managed to capture all of these incredible images so we are really looking forward to seeing what he can do with a functional drone. The number one spot at which he would like to use the drone is off the coast of American Samoa.

When asked about his most memorable experience on the water, Tanner recounted an experience he had while tuna fishing off gulf coast of Mississippi. Despite the abundance of tuna, he was unable to get any hooked fish back to the boat because of the swarm of sharks in the immediate vicinity. Tanner told me about how he stayed out fishing this location all night and that when the sun went down, all he could see in the surrounding water was the yellow gleam of countless shark eyes watching him from the waves.

We are glad that Tanner survived the experience and still wants to go near the water. We are looking forward to working with him during the upcoming Fathom One beta test.


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