Fathom One

Fathom One

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Bring your adventure underwater:

  • Intuitive Diving: Pick it up in seconds, be a pro in minutes.
  • Experience the Underwater World: Stream real time 1080p video wirelessly to your smart device with the Fathom buoy and intelligent tether.

  • Record your Adventure: Save the live stream and share it with your friends, or store it in the Fathom Dive Log to view later.

  • Dive Longer: With a dive time of 1 hour on a single charge, you can explore more.

  • Dive Buddy: Use the Fathom Observe feature on the native app to view the same live stream on multiple devices, at the same time. 

Tech Specs

  • Built-in Camera: 1080p footage
  • Built-in LED headlights
  • Battery life: 2-3 hours per charge
  • Standard 100 feet of Fathom Tether
  • Wifi Range: 100+ feet based on Wifi conditions. 
  • Max speed: 3 knots
  • Live compass heading
  • Live depth reading
  • Live pitch feedback

Included in the box:

  • 1x - Fathom One underwater drone
  • 3x - Modular thrusters
  • 1x - 100 feet (~30 meters) Fathom Adventure Tether
  • 1x - Wireless Fathom Link

Estimated shipping summer 2018